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In Argentina all children between the ages of six and fourteen have to go to school, by law.  Free education is available to everyone and the literacy rate is over 95%.  High-school education is generally both affordable and available, although attendance falls by nearly half among those older than 14.  There are state and private schools for primary and secondary level; those in the city areas are usually better equipped than those in the country.  School curricula is similar to that in Australia and includes Science, Mathematics, Languages, Art, History, Sport and Geography.  Among Latin American countries Argentina has the highest levels of education and literacy.

The percentage of individuals attending and completing university degree programs is 3.2% of the population, the second highest in the world after France.  The country’s public university system is also free of charge.  The university system has nearly 70 institutions, divided equally between national institutions (including a few provincially sponsored), public institutions, and private institutions.


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