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 Embassy of Argentina in Canberra

Dear visitors to our website,

It is my pleasure to welcome you most warmly on behalf of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic. This website has been in place for a number of years, aiming to offer updated information on Argentina and relations with Australia, as well as the services offered by this Embassy and the Consulate General in Sydney.

Our aim is to encourage visitors, through a deeper mutual knowledge, to contribute to consolidating and expanding the relations with Australia in all possible fields. This is the duty of not only public organizations, such as this Embassy, but particularly of all those actively involved or interested in strengthening our links.

With the commitment of all of us, politicians, officials, academics, entrepreneurs, people from culture, and students, we are sure that this goal will be reached.

We thank in advance for your comments and suggestions that surely will be very useful to improve our site and our efforts to boost relations with Australia.


Pedro Villagra Delgado


Diplomatic Officials

Mr. Pedro Villagra Delgado, Ambassador

Mrs. Maria Amelia Lonardi de Duardo, Deputy Head of Mission

Mr. Ignacio Roccatagliata, Second Secretary

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