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Flora and Fauna



The varied climate and soils of Argentina facilitate a wide variety of plant life.  Central Patagonia and parts of Tierra del Fuego, with their cold, dry climate have few trees and are covered by low shrubs and grasses.  Towards the Patagonian Andes, however, where there is plenty of rain, there are magnificent forests and lakes.  The Pampas is covered by grassland, while in the north-east forests carob and palm trees grow. Both forest and savanna make up the Chaco region; the forest of this region includes the carob and quebracho trees, which are a hardwood variety well known around the world.


Animal life in Argentina is also varied. Llamas, alpacas and vicuñas are found in the Northern Andes. Big cats such as jaguars and pumas, and other animals including monkeys and wild boars, are found in the central north and north-eastern areas, while deer, emus and foxes inhabit the Pampas and the Patagonian region.  Among Argentina’s numerous bird species is the condor, and fish species include abundant trout and salmon in the inland lakes in the southern part of Argentina.


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