Argentina vs France 2018

Argentina vs France 2018

In 2018, Argentina and France faced off in a highly anticipated match of the FIFA World Cup. This clash between two football powerhouses promised to be an intense battle on the biggest stage of the sport. Both teams boasted a rich history and a roster of talented players, making this showdown one not to be missed.

Argentina, led by their star player Lionel Messi, entered the match with high expectations. With their passionate fan base and a legacy of success, they were determined to prove themselves as one of the best teams in the tournament. France, on the other hand, had a young and dynamic squad, eager to make their mark in the football world and bring the trophy home.

The game was full of excitement from the very beginning. The incredible skills of the players were on full display as they showcased their dribbling, passing, and shooting abilities. Both teams demonstrated their tactical prowess, with Argentina relying on their attacking style of play while France displayed a balance of offense and defense.

As the match progressed, the tension mounted. Each team had their fair share of opportunities, with shots narrowly missing the target and goalkeepers making incredible saves. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating a moment of brilliance that could turn the tide of the game.

Key highlights and memorable moments from the match

The match between Argentina and France in the 2018 World Cup was filled with intense moments and defining highlights that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

From the start, both teams showed their determination and skill, with Argentina taking an early lead in the first half. Their captain displayed exceptional leadership by scoring a magnificent goal, leaving the French defense stunned.

However, France quickly retaliated with an incredible equalizer, showcasing their powerful attacking force. The goal was a result of a well-coordinated play, with precise passes and a perfectly executed finish that left the Argentine goalkeeper with no chance to save.

As the match progressed, both teams continued to exhibit their impressive abilities on the field. The crowd erupted with excitement when Argentina’s star player showcased his dribbling skills, leaving behind multiple French defenders in a mesmerizing display of agility and finesse.

France, not to be outdone, responded with a breathtaking team effort, involving quick passes and intelligent positioning to create scoring opportunities. Their striker seized the moment and unleashed a powerful shot that kissed the top corner of the net, leaving the Argentine goalkeeper helpless and the crowd in awe.

But the highlight of the match came in the final minutes, with France securing a dramatic victory with a late goal. Their midfielder showed incredible composure and technique by volleying a cross into the back of the net, sending their fans into a frenzy of celebration and sealing their place in the next round of the tournament.

In conclusion, the match between Argentina and France in the 2018 World Cup was a captivating contest filled with memorable moments. From incredible goals to individual brilliance and team cohesion, both teams showcased their talents and made it an unforgettable spectacle for football fans around the world.

Player Performances: Stars on the Field

The Argentina vs France match in the 2018 World Cup saw some outstanding performances from both teams. Several players stood out and showcased their skills on the field, making the game an intense and thrilling spectacle for the fans.

One player who was particularly impressive for Argentina was Lionel Messi, the team’s captain and star forward. Messi displayed his exceptional dribbling skills and agility, repeatedly creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. Despite the pressure and close marking from the French defenders, Messi managed to showcase his world-class talent and nearly scored some incredible goals.

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Another standout performer in the match was Antoine Griezmann from the French team. Griezmann’s intelligent movements and precise passing were crucial in creating scoring opportunities for his team. He showed incredible composure in front of the goal and managed to convert a penalty, contributing significantly to France’s victory.

Kylian Mbappé, a young sensation, also left a lasting impression on the match. Mbappé’s lightning speed and incredible skills left the Argentinian defenders struggling to keep up with him. He scored two crucial goals and constantly posed a threat to the opposition’s defense, showcasing his immense potential as one of the best young talents in the world.

Overall, the Argentina vs France match was a display of exceptional individual performances from these star players. Their contributions played a significant role in determining the outcome of the match and provided an entertaining spectacle for the fans. These players truly shone on the field and demonstrated why they are considered some of the best in the world.

A closer look at the standout performers from Argentina vs France 2018

Argentina and France faced each other in a thrilling match during the 2018 World Cup. Both teams had standout performers who played key roles in their respective teams’ performances.


  • Marcos Rojo: The defender was a standout performer for Argentina. He displayed strong defensive skills, making crucial tackles and interceptions. Rojo also scored the winning goal for Argentina, securing their place in the next round.
  • Lionel Messi: As expected, Messi was a standout performer for Argentina. He showcased his incredible dribbling ability and created several goal-scoring opportunities for his team. Although he didn’t score in the match, his presence on the field had a significant impact.
  • Enzo Perez: Playing as a midfielder, Perez provided stability to Argentina’s gameplay. He made accurate passes, controlled the midfield, and contributed defensively. Perez’s performance was instrumental in Argentina’s strong attacking play.


  • Kylian Mbappe: The young forward was a standout performer for France. His lightning-fast pace and exceptional dribbling skills caused havoc in Argentina’s defense. Mbappe scored two goals and played a vital role in France’s victory.
  • Antoine Griezmann: Griezmann demonstrated his quality as a versatile forward. He scored a goal and provided an assist, constantly posing a threat to Argentina’s defense. His intelligent movement and precise passing were essential for France’s attacking play.
  • N’Golo Kanté: Kanté’s performance in midfield was outstanding. He showcased his exceptional ability to intercept and break down opposition plays. Kanté’s energy and work rate were crucial in nullifying Argentina’s attacking threat.

Both Argentina and France had standout performers who played crucial roles in the match. Their performances showcased their talent, skill, and impact on the game.

Tactical Analysis: Strategies Employed by Argentina and France

When Argentina faced off against France in the 2018 World Cup, both teams employed different strategies to gain an edge over their opponent. Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, focused on their attacking prowess, while France prioritized a more balanced approach.

Argentina’s Strategy

Argentina relied heavily on their star player, Lionel Messi, to create scoring opportunities. The team often played a possession-based game, looking to dominate the midfield and feed Messi with the ball. Their strategy involved quick passing and movement off the ball, with Messi often dropping deep to receive the ball and initiate attacks.

Argentina also utilized a high-pressing game to disrupt France’s build-up play and win the ball back quickly. Their aggressive approach aimed to force mistakes from the French defense and create turnovers in dangerous areas.

France’s Strategy

In contrast to Argentina, France opted for a more balanced approach. They focused on solid defensive organization, with a compact midfield and a disciplined backline. Their strategy involved denying space to Messi and Argentina’s attacking players, forcing them to play on the flanks or resort to long-range shots.

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Offensively, France relied on quick counter-attacks, utilizing the speed and agility of players like Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. They looked to exploit the gaps left by Argentina’s high-pressing game and catch their opponents off guard with fast, direct attacks.

Furthermore, France also used set pieces to their advantage. With the physical presence of players like Samuel Umtiti and Raphael Varane, they posed a significant threat from corners and free-kicks, creating scoring opportunities and putting pressure on the Argentinian defense.


In the end, France’s strategy prevailed, as they defeated Argentina 4-3 in a thrilling match. Their disciplined defensive approach and effective counter-attacking proved too much for Argentina’s reliance on Messi’s individual brilliance. It showcased the importance of tactical planning and execution in high-stakes matches, as France advanced to the next round of the tournament.

Breakdown of the different tactics used by the teams

Argentina and France displayed contrasting tactics during their 2018 World Cup match. Argentina predominantly relied on a defensive approach, while France focused on a balanced and aggressive style of play.

Argentina employed a defensive strategy, with the team often sitting back and absorbing pressure from the French attackers. They maintained a compact shape in their own half and looked to disrupt France’s passing lanes. Argentina relied heavily on counter-attacks, quickly transitioning from defense to offense when possession was regained.

On the other hand, France adopted a more proactive and attacking approach. They utilized a high press to force turnovers and limit Argentina’s time on the ball. Their midfielders and forwards showed great mobility, constantly looking for openings and creating scoring opportunities. France’s tactics also involved a balanced distribution of the ball and effective use of width, with their full-backs pushing forward to provide crosses into the box.

Another notable difference in tactics was evident in the set pieces. Argentina frequently looked for aerial targets in the box, relying on their physical presence to score from headers. In contrast, France focused on quick short corners and free-kicks, using their technical ability and passing precision to create scoring chances.

In summary, Argentina’s tactics centered around a defensive approach and reliance on counter-attacks, while France adopted a proactive and balanced style of play, focused on high press and attacking through the wings. These contrasting approaches resulted in an intense and closely contested match between the two teams.

Goal Breakdown: Exciting Goals and Near Misses

1. Argentina’s First Goal: A Stellar Header

In the match between Argentina and France in 2018, one of the most exciting goals came from Argentina early in the game. A brilliant cross from the right flank reached the towering striker who expertly connected with the ball using a powerful header. The precision and timing of the header left the French goalkeeper no chance, as the ball flew into the top corner of the net. The stadium erupted in celebration as Argentina took the lead.

2. France’s Equalizer: A Lightning-Fast Counterattack

As the match progressed, France showcased their attacking prowess with a lightning-fast counterattack to level the score. The French midfielder orchestrated a quick pass to the winger, who sped down the left flank, leaving the Argentine defenders struggling to keep up. With perfect timing, the winger sent a low cross to the forward, who calmly slotted the ball past the diving goalkeeper. The speed and precision of the counterattack left the crowd in awe and gave France a much-needed equalizer.

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3. Near Miss: Argentina’s Strike Hits the Crossbar

In the second half of the match, Argentina came agonizingly close to taking the lead once again. A skillful buildup play orchestrated by the Argentine midfielders led to a blistering shot from the edge of the penalty area. The shot had power, accuracy, and seemed destined for the top corner of the net. However, luck was not on Argentina’s side as the ball thundered off the crossbar, denying them a spectacular goal. The near miss left the Argentina supporters stunned and gave the French team a sigh of relief.

4. France’s Winning Goal: A Crafty Chip

With the game reaching its final moments, France showed their creativity with a crafty winning goal. A cleverly executed give-and-go between the forward and the attacking midfielder left the Argentine defense scrambling. Just as the goalkeeper rushed forward to narrow the angle, the French forward calmly chipped the ball over his outstretched hands and into the net. The perfectly executed chip sealed France’s victory and sent the French supporters into jubilation, while the Argentine team was left heartbroken.

5. Argentina’s Last-Minute Chance: Inches Away from an Equalizer

In a final desperate push to equalize, Argentina had a last-minute chance to salvage a draw. A perfectly weighted cross from the right flank found the Argentine striker, who leapt above the defenders and directed a powerful header towards the goal. The goalkeeper could only watch as the ball sailed towards the net. However, to the disappointment of the Argentine fans, the ball grazed the outside of the post, missing the target by inches. The near miss was a cruel ending for Argentina, who came so close to an equalizer in the dying moments of the match.

Summary of the Goals and Chances in the Argentina vs France 2018 Match

During the intense matchup between Argentina and France in 2018, there were several incredible goals and chances created by both teams.

One of the standout goals of the match came from Argentina’s star player Lionel Messi. In the 14th minute, Messi showcased his exceptional skills and agility as he dribbled past several French defenders before unleashing a powerful shot into the top corner of the net. This goal demonstrated Messi’s ability to create chances and finish them with precision.

France, however, quickly equalized with an impressive goal of their own. In the 19th minute, Antoine Griezmann received a pass inside the penalty box and expertly placed the ball into the bottom corner, leaving Argentina’s goalkeeper with no chance to save. Griezmann’s goal showcased his composure and accuracy in front of the goal.

Both teams continued to create opportunities throughout the match. Argentina’s Paulo Dybala came close to scoring in the 35th minute with a powerful strike from outside the box, but the French goalkeeper made an exceptional save to deny him. France’s Kylian Mbappé also had some close chances, using his incredible speed and skill to break through Argentina’s defense and create opportunities for himself and his teammates.

The decisive goal of the match came in the 68th minute, when France’s Benjamin Pavard scored a stunning long-range goal. After receiving a cross on the edge of the box, Pavard struck the ball perfectly with his right foot, sending it into the top corner of the net. This goal showcased Pavard’s technical ability and ability to score from difficult positions.

Overall, the Argentina vs France 2018 match was filled with exciting goals and chances. Both teams displayed their attacking prowess and created numerous opportunities throughout the game, making it an exhilarating and closely fought contest.