CNN Radio Argentina

CNN Radio Argentina

CNN Radio Argentina is a news radio station based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is part of the CNN network and provides up-to-date news and analysis on various topics including politics, business, sports, and entertainment.


CNN Radio Argentina was established in 1999 and has since become one of the leading news radio stations in the country. It was launched as a partnership between CNN and a local media company, with the aim of providing timely and reliable news coverage to the Argentine audience.


CNN Radio Argentina offers a wide range of programming to cater to the diverse interests of its listeners. It features live news updates, interviews with experts and newsmakers, and in-depth analysis of current events. The station also covers major sporting events and broadcasts popular talk shows.

Some of the popular shows on CNN Radio Argentina include:

  • Morning Edition: A flagship program that provides a comprehensive overview of the day’s top stories and interviews with key newsmakers.
  • Business Brief: A show focused on the latest developments in the business world, including market trends, economic analysis, and interviews with industry leaders.
  • Political Insights: This program offers in-depth analysis of political events and policies, featuring interviews with politicians, political analysts, and experts.
  • Sports Roundup: A show dedicated to covering the latest news and updates in the world of sports, including interviews with athletes, coaches, and sports journalists.
  • Entertainment Buzz: This program covers the latest news and gossip from the entertainment industry, including interviews with celebrities and coverage of major events.

Online Presence

CNN Radio Argentina has a strong online presence, with a dedicated website and social media accounts. The website features live streaming of the radio station, allowing listeners from around the world to tune in and stay updated on the latest news.

The station also maintains active social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, where it shares news updates, highlights from interviews, and engages with its audience.


CNN Radio Argentina is a trusted source of news and information in Argentina. With its comprehensive programming and online presence, it continues to serve as a reliable news source for its listeners. Whether it’s politics, business, sports, or entertainment, CNN Radio Argentina provides in-depth coverage and analysis to keep its audience informed.

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Overview of CNN Radio

CNN Radio Argentina is a prominent news network and radio station that provides comprehensive coverage of current events, politics, business, sports, and entertainment. The radio network is known for its high-quality journalism and in-depth reporting, which attracts listeners from across Argentina and beyond.

With a team of experienced journalists and reporters, CNN Radio Argentina offers timely and accurate news updates throughout the day. The radio station covers national and international events, ensuring that listeners stay informed about the latest developments from around the world. Their expert analysis and insightful commentary provide a deeper understanding of the news stories and issues that matter most.

CNN Radio Argentina also features a wide range of engaging talk shows and interviews that delve into various topics, including politics, economics, culture, and technology. These programs allow listeners to gain different perspectives and explore diverse aspects of the news and current affairs. The radio station aims to foster informed discussions and promote critical thinking among its audience.

In addition to news coverage and talk shows, CNN Radio Argentina offers special programming that highlights local stories and events. They aim to connect with the community and provide a platform for voices that might otherwise go unheard. By featuring interviews with local leaders, artists, and experts, CNN Radio Argentina ensures that their listeners are informed about the issues that directly impact their lives.

Overall, CNN Radio Argentina is a trusted source of news and information, providing a comprehensive overview of current events and engaging programming that keeps listeners informed and engaged. With its commitment to journalistic excellence, the radio network continues to play a vital role in shaping public discourse and promoting democratic values in Argentina.