Mexico National Football Team Vs Argentina National Football Team Timeline

Mexico National Football Team Vs Argentina National Football Team Timeline

The Mexico national football team and the Argentina national football team share a long and storied history of matches dating back to their first encounter in 1930. These two football powerhouses have faced off countless times over the years, capturing the attention and excitement of fans around the world.

Throughout the timeline of their matches, both teams have displayed exceptional skill, strategy, and passion on the field. The rivalry between Mexico and Argentina adds an extra level of intensity to their matchups, making for thrilling and unforgettable moments.

Over the years, the Mexico national football team has had its fair share of successes against Argentina, with memorable victories that have left an indelible mark in the history books. From important tournament wins to friendly matches, each encounter between these two nations is a showcase of the talent and determination of their respective teams.

On the other hand, the Argentina national football team has also enjoyed numerous triumphs against Mexico, showcasing their football prowess and ability to dominate on the international stage. These matches have provided opportunities for Argentine legends to shine and create unforgettable moments that fans cherish.

Early Rivalry and First Meetings (1930-1970)

The rivalry between the Mexico National Football Team and the Argentina National Football Team dates back to their first meetings in the early 1930s. These initial encounters set the stage for what would become a fierce and competitive rivalry in the years to come.

In 1930, both Mexico and Argentina participated in the inaugural FIFA World Cup held in Uruguay. Although they did not face each other on the pitch during the tournament, their paths crossed as they competed against other teams. This first taste of playing in the same tournament would lay the groundwork for future clashes between the two nations.

In the following years, Mexico and Argentina would meet in several international friendlies and regional tournaments. These matches served as crucial opportunities for both teams to test their skills and develop strategies. They also provided a platform for players on both sides to showcase their talent and make a name for themselves in the football world.

As the rivalry grew, so did the intensity and competitiveness on the field. The encounters between Mexico and Argentina became more heated, with each team giving their all to secure victory. These early meetings laid the foundation for what would become a storied rivalry, characterized by thrilling matches and passionate performances from both sides.

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Maradona’s Hand of God (1986)

In the quarterfinals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup, the Argentina national football team faced off against the England national football team. It was a highly anticipated match, as both teams had a history of intense rivalry. The game took place on June 22, 1986, at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

One of the most memorable moments of the match came in the 51st minute when Argentine forward Diego Maradona scored a goal that would go down in history as the “Hand of God” goal. Maradona used his left hand to punch the ball into the net, fooling the referee into believing it was a legitimate goal. Despite protests from the English players, the goal stood and Argentina took a 1-0 lead.

The “Hand of God” goal was a controversial moment that sparked debate and controversy around the world. While some praised Maradona’s skill and cunning, others criticized him for cheating and breaking the rules of fair play. The incident became symbolic of Maradona’s audacious and unpredictable style of play.

Despite the controversy, Maradona’s goal was not the only highlight of the match. Just four minutes later, he scored another goal that is widely regarded as one of the greatest in World Cup history. After receiving the ball in his own half, Maradona dribbled past five English players before slotting the ball past the goalkeeper. This goal, known as the “Goal of the Century,” showcased Maradona’s extraordinary talent and cemented his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

In the end, Argentina defeated England 2-1 and went on to win the World Cup. Maradona’s handball goal remains one of the most iconic moments in football history and is remembered as a moment of both brilliance and controversy.

The Clásico de las Américas (1990s)

The Clásico de las Américas between Mexico and Argentina in the 1990s was a highly anticipated event in international football. The two teams had a long-standing rivalry, and their matches were always intense and closely contested.

During this decade, both Mexico and Argentina had a number of talented players who showcased their skills on the field. The likes of Hugo Sánchez, Jorge Campos, and Cuauhtémoc Blanco represented Mexico, while Diego Maradona, Gabriel Batistuta, and Juan Román Riquelme donned the Argentinean colors.

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Matches between Mexico and Argentina in the 1990s were often characterized by their physicality and competitiveness. Both teams displayed strong attacking play and skillful dribbling, making for an exciting spectacle for fans.

The Clásico de las Américas in the 1990s also witnessed some memorable moments. From stunning goals to dramatic comebacks, each match provided its own share of excitement and drama. These matches were not only important in terms of national pride but also had implications for both teams’ positions on the international stage.

Overall, the Clásico de las Américas between Mexico and Argentina in the 1990s was a period of intense competition and thrilling football. The rivalry between the two teams brought out the best in both sets of players and showcased the passion and talent of football in the Americas.

The Era of Messi and Guardado (2000s)

In the 2000s, the Mexico National Football Team and the Argentina National Football Team saw the rise of two young talents that would go on to shape the future of their respective countries’ football. Lionel Messi from Argentina and Andrés Guardado from Mexico became an integral part of their national teams during this era.

Lionel Messi, often hailed as one of the greatest football players of all time, emerged as a star player for Argentina during the 2000s. With his exceptional skills, Messi brought a new level of creativity and goalscoring ability to the team. His ability to dribble past multiple defenders and his precise passing made him a nightmare for opposing defenders. Messi’s presence on the pitch gave Argentina a significant advantage in their matches against Mexico.

On the other hand, Andrés Guardado emerged as a key player for Mexico during the same period. Known for his versatility and leadership, Guardado became the heart of Mexico’s midfield. His ability to control the game and distribute the ball effectively made him a vital player in Mexico’s tactical approach. Guardado’s vision and decision-making skills allowed Mexico to create scoring opportunities against Argentina and other strong opponents.

The rivalry between Mexico and Argentina became even more intense during the 2000s due to the presence of these two outstanding players. Both Messi and Guardado became icons for their national teams, leading them to success in various international tournaments. Their performances on the pitch added excitement and anticipation to every Mexico-Argentina match, creating unforgettable moments for football fans around the world.

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Recent Controversies and Future Meetings


Recent matches between the Mexico National Football Team and the Argentina National Football Team have been marred by controversies, both on and off the field. One such controversy occurred during their match in 2018 when a controversial penalty decision awarded a late goal to Argentina, leading to a heated exchange between the players and the referee. This decision sparked a debate about the fairness and impartiality of the officiating in the game. Another controversy arose during their 2019 encounter when allegations of racist chants by some Mexican fans towards the Argentine players surfaced. This incident caused outrage and led to calls for stricter measures to tackle racism in football.

Future Meetings:

Despite the controversies, there is still anticipation for future meetings between the Mexico National Football Team and the Argentina National Football Team. Both teams have a long-standing rivalry and their matches always attract attention from fans around the world. The upcoming meetings between these two teams, whether in friendly matches or official tournaments, are eagerly awaited. It is expected that these matches will continue to be highly competitive and intense, with both teams vying for victory and seeking to showcase their best football. Fans will be hoping for fair and exciting contests, free from any controversies, as these two football giants continue to face off on the pitch.