How do you say wow in Argentina?

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How do you say wow in Argentina?
How do you say wow in Argentina?

¡mirá vos!: used commonly as “wow!” or literally “look at you!”

How do you say awesome in Argentina?

Buena Onda: It's used as slang to say awesome/ cool/ or great! “Mañana vamos a bailar!” “Que buena onda!”

What does Ojo mean in Argentina?

Ojo: This is used to mean 'be careful' or 'look out' and it is often accompanied by a finger point to the eye. '

What is a forro in Argentina slang?

In case you were worried that all Argentine slang had been watered-down, then you can use “forro” to describe someone who is extremely annoying, an idiot or a prick.

What is a famous Argentine saying?

“A good friend is better than a near relation.” “One door is shut, but a thousand are open.”

How do you say enjoy in Argentina?

Enjoy! “bajá un cambio!” = Chill Out! Relax!

What are the flirting phrases in Argentina?

Useful related phrases are: sos un chamuyero – 'you're a smooth-talker' or dejá de chamuyarme – 'stop trying to fool me/chat me up'. Other useful flirting phrases include tirar onda which means to flirt of send someone good vibes, and touch and go, a phrase for a one-night stand or casual sexual relationship.

How do you say cheers in Argentina?

Vamos, vamos, Argentina.

What is mal ojo?

"Mal de ojo" or "evil eye," is a folk illness primarily affecting children, with infants being particularly vulnerable. This supernaturual belief holds that an admiring look or a stare can weaken the child, leading to bad luck, sickness and even death.

What does Vos mean in Argentina?

Vos is the standard form of address (instead of tú) in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. It's also common (mixed with tú, often depending on region, situation and social class) in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

What is Boca mean in English?

Boca is a noun that means mouth and you can find how to pronounce it here: You'll probably already know the basic meaning of boca, which is a person's or animal's mouth.

What does Bobo mean in Argentina?

adjective. stupid [adjective] foolish; slow at understanding. silly [adjective] foolish; not y a 6 jours

What does chota mean in Argentina?

Maybe you already know, but in the "Rio de la Plata" at least (basically, Uruguay and Argentina), chota is a quite popular slung for referring to the male sexual organ.

What does Flaca mean in Argentina?

The literal translations of tía and tío are “aunt” and “uncle”, chama and chamo “little girl” and “little boy”, while flaca and flaco describe someone skinny.

How do you say gorgeous in Argentina?

Hermoso / Hermosa – “Gorgeous”

How do you say cool in Spanish slang?

Chido/a is a Mexican adjective meaning “awesome” or “cool”. It's used the same the way you would use guay in Spain. For example: Es un vato chido – He's a cool guy!

How do you say I love you in Argentina?

I love you in Spanish is te amo. This is the most direct translation of “I love you” there is.

How do Argentina say thank you?

Muchísimas gracias — Thank you very much, thanks a lot Since it makes everything bigger, saying muchísimas gracias makes the expression much more intense than a simple “thank you.”

What do you call a friend in Argentina?

amigazo. Where it's used: Latin America. Similar to amigo (friend), the word amigazo, is also an informal reference to a buddy, pal or close friend. However, you wouldn't want to use this word in Chile, where it normally means bad company.

How do you say pretty girl in Argentina?

Bonito / Bonita – “Pretty” or “Nice” Bonito / bonita also means “beautiful”, but it's not quite as strong as bello.

How do you say no problem in Argentina?

No hay quilombo (Argentina) In this case, “no problem”: ¿Puedes ayudarme con esta? (Can you help me with this?) Sí, no hay quilombo. (Yes, there's no problem.)

How do you show respect in Argentina?

A handshake and nod show respect when greeting someone. An embrace and one kiss on the cheek is common between friends and acquaintances. Argentines are touchers and stand close to each other when speaking. Do not back away.

What is Argentinian slang for beautiful?

Anything can be re in Argentina: re caro(expensive), re lindo(beautiful), re barato(cheap)… Copado/a means cool or awesome. You can slide in a “qué copado” in any instance to sound more local. “Che boludo, ¡esa chabona es re copada!”

Do men kiss each other in Argentina?

Latin America In some countries, like Argentina, men kiss other men on the cheek as well as a greeting. It is not necessary to know a person well or be intimate with them to kiss them on the cheek.

What do you call a girl from Argentina?

Argentines (mistakenly translated as "Argentinians" in the past); in Spanish Argentinos (masculine) or Argentinas (feminine) are people identified with the country of Argentina.

How do you say buddy in Argentina?

Argentina and Uruguay: Boludo/a This word literally means 'ballsy' and depending on the tone and the relationship between the people in the conversation it can be used to mean a variety of things, but amongst friends it's like calling each other buddy.

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