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What is the best time to go to Argentina?

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What is the best time to go to Argentina?
What is the best time to go to Argentina?

We consider Argentina springtime (October to mid-December) and autumn (April to mid-June) to be the best times to visit Argentina, avoiding the tourist crowds and peak season prices. Read on for regional weather information split by North, Central and South Argentina.

What is the best month to visit Buenos Aires?

For a refreshingly crisp climate and moderate prices in Buenos Aires, the shoulder seasons of September to December (spring/ early summer) and April to June (fall/early winter) are the best times to visit.

What is the rainy season in Argentina?

More than 85% of annual rainfall occurs from October to March, which constitutes the warm season. In contrast, the winter months are dry. Eastern and southeastern areas of the region receive more precipitation than the western areas since they receive more summer rainfall.

How many days do you need in Argentina?

We suggest a 14-day Argentina itinerary for anyone visiting the county for the first time. But if you want to see as much of the country as possible in a single go, an Argentina travel itinerary of at least three weeks is necessary.

Where is the best weather in Argentina?

Summers in Argentina are best experienced in the southern regions of Patagonia or the wine country of Mendoza. Whereas much of the country is hot, humid, and rainy during the summer, Patagonia has a regional average temperature of 41 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 22 degrees Celsius) and remains fairly dry.

What is the best time to visit Iguazu Falls?

Generally, people agree that the shoulder months of March, April, and September are the best time to visit Iguazu Falls as the water levels are still reasonably high and it isn't too hot. However, it is important to remember that this is a tropical destination and it can rain any time of the day or year.

How cold is Argentina in October?

Most of Argentina is in full spring mode by October and a gorgeous time to visit the central and northern areas. Buenos Aires, the starting point for most international visitors, sees highs in the lower 70s Fahrenheit, while Mendoza and Salta will see highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s, respectively.

How long should I stay at Iguazu Falls?

The recommended time to stay at the falls is at least 2 -3 days, there's so much to see and do at Iguazu, and you should try to see the falls from both sides. Here are some ideas on where to stay at Iguazu Falls.

What is the best way to travel in Argentina?

By far the most common and straightforward method of transport in Argentina is the bus (omnibus, bus or micro). There are hundreds of private companies, most of which concentrate on one particular region, although a few, such as TAC and Cruz del Sur, run essentially nationwide.

How to fly from Buenos Aires to Iguazú Falls?

There are two possible airports to fly into to reach Iguazu Falls. Choose between Foz do Iguaçu Airport (IGU) on the Brazilian side and Cataratas del Iguazú (IGR) on the Argentine side. Both are nearby Iguazu Falls. There are around 6 – 8 flights a day servicing IGU and IGR.

How many days is enough in Buenos Aires?

How much Time to Spend in Buenos Aires? A minimum of three days. That way you can see a lot of the city's main sights without having to travel at a breakneck speed. If you are trying to see Buenos Aires in a day, you can also have a great time (as long as you are willing to move at a pretty fast pace).

What is the warmest month in Buenos Aires?

January is the hottest month in Buenos Aires with an average temperature of 25°C (77°F) and the coldest is June at 12°C (54°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 9 in February. The wettest month is January with an average of 100mm of rain.

What is high season in Buenos Aires?

During January and February—Buenos Aires' summertime and peak tourist season—crowds as well as hotel room rates start to swell. While this season remains a popular time to visit, temperatures often rise into the 90s and a muggy heat hangs in the air.

Is Buenos Aires worth visiting?

Argentina's capital and largest city is a hotspot for music, food, the arts, and dancing. The city is one of the most diverse cities in Latin America, home to beautiful, warm, and friendly people from all around the globe. Visiting Buenos Aires is an incredible experience.

Is it better to see Iguazu from Brazil or Argentina?

Want to walk the whole day and see many different waterfalls and scenery do the Argentina side, shorter day, less waterfalls, less walking but awesome views and walk into the waterfall go for the Brazil side.

Do you need malaria pills for Iguazu Falls?

No malaria transmission occurs at the falls or in surrounding areas.

Is Argentina friendly to tourists?

Argentina is an incredible country with a lot to offer tourists. There is something for everyone, from natural beauty to rich culture, food, and history. Despite the reputation that South America has, Argentina is one of the safest countries in the world to travel to.

Is it safe to visit Argentina?

Take care on public transport and in tourist areas. Crimes such as thefts and robberies in Buenos Aires and other major cities are increasing. Popular tourist areas such as La Boca are hotspots for robberies and theft. Always keep personal belongings, including mobile phones, close or out of sight.

Can I go to Argentina without a visa?

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements Private U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business. Diplomatic or official passport holders must obtain visas prior to arrival.

Are there nice beaches in Argentina?

Almost all beaches in Argentina are famous globally for their pristine white sands. With almost 5,000 km of coastline, and breathtaking lakes, rivers, and streams, Argentina will leave you all surprised as well as rejuvenated.

What Months Is it summer in Argentina?

Argentina's seasons are “reversed.” Argentina lies south of the equator in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons there are reversed. Winter is June through August. Spring is September through November. Summer is December through February.

What is the most wettest month?

April does have more showers than other months, regardless of where you are in the country. During the month of April, a band of strong winds, known as the jet stream, moves northwards. This changes the air pressure and leads to an explosion of cumulus clouds — the type of clouds that create rain showers.

Which is the coldest month?

December and January are the coldest months in Northern India. At this time of the year the northern hemisphere is oriented away from the sun.

Which is the hottest month?

May: In India, it is the hottest month of the year. The average high temperature lies in the range of 29.4°C (84.9°F) to 42.2°C (108°F).

Is November a good month for Argentina?

November is a gorgeous month to visit Argentina. Buenos Aires is perfect for sightseeing, Patagonia finally blooms into spring, and the beach resorts open for business. It's an excellent time to visit the hot spots while the crowds and high prices are still a month away.

How hot is Argentina in November?

Argentina Weather in November In Buenos Aires, the mercury hovers between 22°C to 25°C during the day, while the northern areas ideal tropical climates. Here, you will find sunny days with less precipitation. The temperature settles around 25°C to 28°C, and occasionally to 31°C to 33°C.

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